Save Our Bees Artworks


The Grade 5 and 6's produced these amazing pencil and charcoal sketches in Mrs Knezovich's art class - the subject was The World Without Bees and they were tasked with emphasising the importance of taking care of our bees.  

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Kabeljous Estuary Outing for St Francis College Grade 3 Learners


St Francis College Grade 3’s were treated to a very special outing on 14th February.  They walked through the Kabeljous Estuary with Aweigh Adventures Eco-Ed Specialist Harry Bateman, enjoying swimming and playing while learning all about this sensitive and pristine environment. Harry teaches those who join one of his outings to the salt water estuarine [...]

Kabeljous Estuary Outing for St Francis College Grade 3 Learners2019-02-19T15:42:44+02:00

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! The Grade 2's celebrate this day with their annual Valentine's Day market. They have spent the last few weeks making goodies in class to sell at the market. They must calculate gross and net profit and then they get to decide how they spend their earnings.  

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Nursery school Remembers Pets


To celebrate Valentine's Day, the College nursery school collected dog and cat food for the needy pets in Sea Vista and handed it over today to Sue Rae Fox and Linda Judnick of St Francis Animal Rescue. Such a kind and loving gesture - happy Valentines Day doggies and kitties 💕

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College earns Eco Schools Green Flag Decade


St Francis College  are very excited to report that we earned our Eco Schools “Green Flag decade” in 2018. It was our thirteenth year involved with Eco-Schools and the thirteenth year we have received an award. This year we are entering our “Gold Decade”. There are eleven themes, from which we need to choose four [...]

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