St Francis College  are very excited to report that we earned our Eco Schools “Green Flag decade” in 2018. It was our thirteenth year involved with Eco-Schools and the thirteenth year we have received an award. This year we are entering our “Gold Decade”. There are eleven themes, from which we need to choose four to focus on for the year. We look forward to revealing our focus themes soon!

The EcoSchools programme is an international programme of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) that was developed to support environmental learning in the classroom. The programme is active in 67 countries around the world and has been implemented in South Africa since 2003 by WESSA.

EcoSchools is about improving environmental management at the school, as well as environmental learning. This means that teachers, learners, community members and/or partner organisations get together and undertake a project to improve some aspect of environmental management at their school.

Here are the College Grade 1 class busy making Eco-Bricks made by filling 2 litre plastic cold drink bottles with plastic packets. The bricks can then be used to build almost any structure.