St Francis College – was started in January 2004 by parents in the area that wished to ensure that their children would enjoy an exceptional education in a unique environment. Located on a farm in the St Francis Bay area, the school has developed into a caring, disciplined and environmentally aware structure of the community.

A young, talented and dynamic teaching staff ensures that high educational standards are achieved, incorporating traditional values and life skills. Sport and cultural activities are undertaken on a regular basis to develop the full individual potential of each pupil.

The school has produced young minds that have a love for learning and the environment, ready to take up their role as valued members of society. St Francis College offers Grade 00 up to grade 7. Each class is small enough to care, making sure that each pupil receives a solid grounding in these formative years of education. Well qualified teaching staff members with appropriate experience are the main reason for pupils achieving exceptional academic results evaluated by independent leaders in the educational fraternity.

Nursery School Campus – Situated under the shade of several majestic old fig trees (our very own Faraway Trees) the Nursery school has grown from one to three classes, currently accommodating the 2-4-year-old age group. Run by a dedicated and caring group of teachers and assistants in a safe, informal and nurturing environment, children can take their first teetering steps into the formal world of learning at their own pace. The emphasis is on learning through play in a stimulating environment, allowing each child to develop in their own unique way with the process of doing being far more important than the end result.

Our program is holistic, aimed at developing the social, physical and cognitive needs of the child and includes creative art activities, music, singing, stories, physical education and ball skills.

An annual “concert” and outings to various places of interest during the year are also included. Above all, we believe that a happy child will learn at his full potential. The laughter and broad smiles of the children as they play and work is testament to this!