The pre-primary and foundation phase of St Francis College is a happy, vibrant place with lots of activity, fun and interactive learning taking place. There is always a happy hum as pupils are encouraged to work together to discover new knowledge in a structured, organised environment where the development of a positive self-esteem is of paramount importance. The exploration of creative ideas is a focus and the development of problem solving and critical thinking skills through activities makes this school an ideal learning environment for young children. They begin to work co-operatively with their peers and develop their language skills as they communicate their ideas and learn tolerance and acceptance of others in group situations. Additional languages – Xhosa and Afrikaans are formally introduced from Grade 1.

Our senior primary curriculum has been developed with the national CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) as a base but with adjustments and extensions to create our own curriculum that is relevant, child centered and includes critical thinking skills across all subjects. This will hold them in good stead for any senior school our pupils may wish to attend.