Kouga Performance Cricket Centre (KPCC) played two matches against All Rounder Cricket Academy from Cape Town at the Youth Cricket Academy in Walmer, Port Elizabeth on 1st October. Promising St Francis College cricketer, James Beckley scored the top score of 60 not out in the first of two under 13 matches but it was not [...]


Golden Time – a New Concept


The College are trying out the concept of Golden Time in the foundation phase over the next 4 weeks. So once a week the 4 classes are split into cross grade groups (0 to 4) and they explore an activity within the creativity and tech hub. The activities can be anything from gardening and outdoor [...]

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Nursery School Enjoy Firemen’s Visit


The Nursery School children had an exciting morning when the Fire Department came to visit with their truck and all their equipment to show the children how they fight fires. But best of all was being allowed to sit in the driver's seat of the truck!

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Mini Olympic Fun


While the older children were busy with the Inter House Athletics, our Grade 00 and Grade 0 mini Olympics was taking place. This event is enormous fun featuring events such as the Silly sack race, Bean bag balance, Bike Race, Toy Waddle, Waiter water balance, Flippy Floppy Race and the Over and under water bucket. [...]

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St Francis College Gymnasts compete at Nationals


Congratulations to Morgan Ackerman and Chloe Bateman who received their Eastern Cape colours for artistic gymnastics by qualifying for the National Gym Games in Pretoria held between October 1 and 6th. Congratulations are also in order for St Francis College teacher, Laura Holdsworth, the girls' coach, as she was chosen as the official Eastern Cape [...]

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Entrepreneur’s Day a Great Success for Grade 7’s


The Grade 7's sold up a storm during their Entrepreneur's Day event at the College. Stalls selling everything from the most delicious sweet treats and drinks to fun stalls offering pillow fights, face painting and wet sponge throwing did a brisk trade. Some of the more philanthropic learners opted to sell items such as second [...]

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Life Skills Lesson on Sewing


The Grade 4's Life Skills Lesson  had them trying their best to sew on buttons and stitch material. Some learners needed a little more practice than others but they all got the job done in the end!

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Annual Inter House Athletics Enthusiastically supported


The College's annual Inter-House Athletics competition is always a highlight for the learners! First on the day were Mussel Cracker House followed by Yellowtail (second) and Red Roman (third). The three houses competed in track events over 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and in relay.

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Festivals Around the World Theatre for Grade 6’s


The Grade 6 learners  have been studying festivals around the world and are learning script writing and characterisation in their English class. So in their art class they were tasked with making paper mache masks from the Barong tribe in Bali. These masks will be used in a drama performance in their English class demonstrating [...]

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