HolmeLeigh Farmyard Fun for Grade 1’s


Grade 1's had a fabulous outing to HolmeLeigh Farmyard where they fed and stroked the animals, while getting interesting titbits of information about them. One of the highlights of this fun day was a ride on the tractor.

HolmeLeigh Farmyard Fun for Grade 1’s2018-06-19T15:18:30+02:00

Father’s Day Golf Fun


For Father's Day at St Francis College this year, Peter Wait and the teachers tested the fathers and pupil's golfing ability. Great skill was displayed and some 'monkeying' around was noted.

Father’s Day Golf Fun2018-06-19T15:16:09+02:00

College Kids Create Eco-Bricks with Plastic Waste


Wow what a great project! The College kids are making the Eco Bricks which are being promoted by the Kromme Enviro-Trust in an effort to reduce plastic waste. The aim is to use these bricks to build new garden walls and other structures around the school. The “bricks” are made using 2 litre plastic bottles [...]

College Kids Create Eco-Bricks with Plastic Waste2018-06-13T17:14:32+02:00