This year's College play is not to be missed - it's a musical through the ages. We must say a very big thank you for the stunning artwork used on our poster. One of our parents from the nursery school is a gifted artist and art teacher, Burcu Cunneen. Burcu who originates from Turkey, created [...]

STATUE IN THE PARK – NOT TO BE MISSED!2017-07-31T15:00:14+02:00

Grade 7’s Preparing for Entrepreneurs’ Day


The St Francis College Grade 7’s have begun preparing for Entrepreneurs Day on October 6th as part of their EMS syllabus which will earn them marks for Term 3. The students seen here are busy evaluating the advertisements on the products or services they are going to offer to the rest of the school on [...]

Grade 7’s Preparing for Entrepreneurs’ Day2017-07-28T15:52:14+02:00

Bird Feeders Attract Unexpected Visitors!


These clever bird feeders made by the Grade 1 and 2’s have clearly been a great success attracting a lot of attention since they were hung on the school fence - and not only from the birds they were made for. The school’s chicken family visit in the hope of an extra tit bit and [...]

Bird Feeders Attract Unexpected Visitors!2017-07-19T16:52:37+02:00

Mandela Day Fun Golf Event Supported by College Teachers


St Francis College teachers and parents observed Mandela Day to enter a team of keen, if not especially talented golfers in the 67 Minutes of Fun Golf at the beautiful St Francis Links in aid of the Talhado Children’s Haven Montessori pre-school. Taking part were teachers, Waldo Kapp, Trudi van Olm, Elizabeth Carpenter and Shona [...]

Mandela Day Fun Golf Event Supported by College Teachers2017-07-19T16:43:22+02:00

Grade 1’s Outing to Holmeleigh Farmyard


Outings are always great fun but there's nothing quite like getting really close up to these wonderful farmyard animals and having an opportunity to learn all about them. The Grade 1's will remember this day for a long time to come!

Grade 1’s Outing to Holmeleigh Farmyard2017-07-14T14:58:38+02:00