Awards stickers

These new weekly awards have been introduced this term. Teachers nominate children from their classes for a Weekly Wonder Award. The nomination can be based on anything which has impressed the teacher, be it in the classroom, on the playground or on the sports field. The teachers hand in a small ‘Weekly Wonder’ card on which is written the child’s name and the achievement. This is then handed out in assembly on a Wednesday together with a ‘Weekly Wonder’ sticker. One of the Weekly Wonder winners is then given a ‘Principal’s Award’. There is also a sticker for the ‘Principal’s Award’, but, in addition to that, the recipient of the Principal’s Award also receives a R100 Wimpy voucher. These Wimpy Vouchers, for this term, have been kindly donated by the Governing Body Chairman, Mr Peter Kopke, who is the owner of the Wimpy at the Fountains Mall in Jeffery’s Bay. There have been four winners so far this term. They are: Sophia-Grace Blom, Hayden Wilson, Mimi Gamede and Ella Landman.  Congratulations!

Principals award