Wacky Woods Camp 2019

An excited class of grade 7’s departed for camp on Wednesday afternoon, 13 March. After setting up camp, the group headed for the swimming pool as it was a very hot and humid day. The swimming pool has been designed in the form of three tiered rock pools which makes swimming so much more interesting. Cadence had a hair-raising experience when she encountered a scorpion in the bathroom basin. One should always expect the unexpected at camp. After a delicious supper of spaghetti bolognaise, there was some team bonding and some discussions about the characteristics of a group leader. The class was then divided into pairs; these pairs would lead the teams when the other grades arrived the next day.

On Thursday morning the group set off on what should have been a short hike. There is a marked trail which loops up and around the hill behind the camp site. The trail proved a little difficult to follow and Abigail and Sine took a wrong turn and went off in the wrong direction. It took an hour to get them back to camp. Another memorable experience.

The grades 4, 5 and 6 classes arrived after lunch on Thursday afternoon and parents assisted with setting up the tents before departing. The children were divided into groups and they started rotating through the five planned activities which were swimming, making stokbrood, pudding challenge; skits and making funky newspaper clothing. Once everyone had completed the activities it was time for supper which was gourmet burgers. The skits would have been performed after supper but a thunderstorm interrupted all activities and everyone had to take shelter in their tents. Another camp surprise.

After breakfast on Friday, the whole group went up to the swimming pool where there is a lapa. The skits were performed under the shelter of the lapa as there was still a bit of light rain falling. The skits were entertaining and demonstrated the children’s creativity. After the skits everyone enjoyed swimming in the pool again. While the children were swimming some of the teachers slipped away to hide easter eggs for the easter egg hunt. After returning from the pool the children took turns in their groups to hunt for easter eggs. Each child was allowed to find three treats. With camp time running out, the children enjoyed some free time, playing cricket and soccer or playing on the swings. It was then time to pack up the tents and get ready to go home. A great time was enjoyed by all. It is amazing how much was squeezed into two days. Thank you to all the teachers who attended camp and “roughed It” for the sake of the children.