On Thursday 9th February, all 54 St Francis College senior primary pupils (Grades 4 – 7) attended an overnight camp at Wacky Woods, fifteen kilometres outside Jeffrey’s Bay.  The pupils were divided into seven groups and the fifteen Grade 7 pupils, who arrived the day before, were evenly distributed amongst these groups tasked with providing leadership in the various activities.

Group activities included fishing, practising team war cries, making ‘stokbrood’, designing their team logo using flowers/nature, making dessert for the evening meal, performing a skit and swimming in the resort’s pool.

After a fun-filled and raucous evening in camp, the children were divided into four groups the next morning to enjoy fishing or lingering on the shore of the Gamtoos River, playing soccer and volleyball as well as enjoying a much-needed swim in the sweltering heat.

Beaming faces greeted parents when they arrived to take the children home. “The camp was a huge success,” said school head, Franzl Bouse. “We are definitely thinking of making this an annual event.”