To all St Francis College Dad’s, a very happy Father’s Day! This special day was celebrated with great energy and enthusiasm on Thursday 15th June with Dad’s arriving at the school at 11h30 and welcomed by the Grade 2’s singing an action song.

Our Dad’s were then divided into four groups with their children while the teachers waited at stations in their classrooms.

The Grade 00 children gave their father’s a shave while the Grade 0’s blindfolded and guided their fathers through an obstacle course.

The Grade 1’s and their fathers took turns to bounce balls into cups while the Grade 2’s buttered rolls and made sausage and tomato sauce fillings. Father’s then challenged each other to see who could eat the rolls the fastest. There was even a naughty corner for those Dad’s who broke the rules!

Then came the grand finale – the tug of war. In this event all the father’s took part in a show of strength and determination to win at all costs with much hilarity and comradeship!

Thankfully for the exhausted fathers, tea and eats were served after the competition. We hear through the grapevine that there were some complaints of very stiff muscles the next day.