100 Club

100 Club dated poster

The Governing Body of the school has initiated and is in the process of launching, a new fundraising strategy called the ‘100 Club’. The idea of the 100 Club is to have a monthly event at which there will be cash prizes to be won. The 100 in the name is a reference to the monthly cost of R100 per event with 10 events scheduled for the year. Members are asked to pay R1000 up front for the 10 events. The first event is scheduled to take place on 27 June 2019 at the St Francis Bay Golf Club at 17:45.

The aim of this initiative is to attract support from far and wide. Board members are appealing to their personal contacts with support coming in even from overseas. Parents and staff are invited to support this initiative and also try to recruit membership, but it has been made clear by the Governing Body that parents are not to feel overburdened by this initiative. The parents do a lot to support the school through the various events which the PA organizes. Parents and staff are welcome to join the 100 Club but must not feel under any pressure to do so. The 100 Club is open to anyone, anywhere in the world – an aunt, an uncle, a grandparent, a friend. Perhaps you know someone who would like to support the school in some way. This is the ideal vehicle for them to do so. Please see the attached letter of invitation and the application form.